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Ena Hotel in Arenzano, due to its position, is the ideal place to visit our beautiful region, ranging between tourist, cultural, sporting, romantic and children’s itineraries.

Not only the sea therefore, but also beautiful routes in the midst of nature, on foot or by bicycle, in all seasons.

Arenzano is one of the pearls of the Ligurian Riviera.
Coastal town of ancient origins, whose contact between sea and hills creates a coast full of inlets. It is about 30 km from Genoa and Savona and is 20 km away from the airport.

Among the main points of interest: the neo-Renaissance style sanctuary of the Holy Child of Prague, with a permanent exhibition of a valuable Albisollo ceramic nativity scene.
The Villa Negrotto Cambiaso, whose flowerbeds are surrounded by particularly evocative floral motifs, with rare botanical and exotic varieties.

Ask our reception to organize a trip to theTerme di Genova,Aquarium and the historic center and buildings of Genoa.

esperienze immersioni marine

Marine diving

In addition to being able to live a relaxing beach life, you can easily practice fantastic dives which, due to their difficulty, are intended for expert divers who have completed courses with international teaching.
esperienze vela costa ligure


For those who want to live this experience, the ideal place is the Luigi Sirombra sailing club, equipped with highly qualified staff.

You will have the opportunity to enrich your stay at the Poggio Hotel with an unforgettable experience, through which you can discover the Ligurian coast.

esperienze trekking con la famiglia

Trekking “Il Golfo dei Poeti”

The itinerary is divided through a pleasant wine-growing landscape and two protected areas recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, namely the Portovenere Regional Park and the Cinque Terre National Park >.

The route passes through the towns of Campiglia and Telegrafo where you have the opportunity to admire an ancient military fortress before descending in the direction of Riomaggiore, through the vineyards and woods of Path 1 or “dirt road of the Sanctuaries” , which leads to the destination village of Riomaggiore, famous for its castle.

For more information

Do you need to organize a trip or your holiday?

esperienze equitazione


It is possible to practice this fantastic activity to admire unforgettable views, fascinating paths and wild places in the company of wonderful horses.

esperienze golf a lerca e dintorni


The location offers 2 Golf Clubs:
The Club La Pineta, equipped with 9 holes and a difficult course, particular for several out of bounds and for its narrow fairways.

The Club Sant’Anna in Lerca, equipped with 18 holes in a heavenly setting.


Trekking from Portofino to Camogli

The trekking itinerary, which starts from the splendid Portofino and ends in the ancient fishing village of Camogli, develops entirely among the wonders of the protected area of the Regional Natural Park of Portofino.

A true treasure chest of landscape and historical treasures. The path, mainly dirt road, continues until it reaches the deviation for the paradisiacal inlet of Cala degli Inglesi.

After about an hour, you reach the ancient military base from World War II (“Base 0”), today a panoramic point before the steep descent that reaches San Fruttuoso di Camogli with its unmistakable Capodimonte Abbey.

On the opposite side of the beach you immediately go up steeply among the terraces planted with olive trees and then descend back to the coast which offers views towards the transparent seabed.

In Cala d’Oro you will notice the ancient watchtower. A little further on you pass through short passages where you have to hold on to solid steel chains and, in the Fornelli area, you can see some war bunkers.

After two kilometers you arrive at the small square of San Rocco; descending from a crêuza flanked by houses and terraces, the trip ends in Camogli.

esperienze tennis su campi in terra battuta


For fans of this sport there are two tennis clubs: the Tennis Club Arenzano, located a few minutes from our Hotel and the Tennis Club La Pineta, both equipped with 2 clay courts.
A proposal that could enrich your stay in Arenzano.
esperienze trekking in liguria

For the whole family and beyond

Ask our reception for all the information about our surroundings.

The most requested trips:

  • the Baths of Genoa
  • the Aquarium at the Old Port of Genoa
  • The historic buildings of Genoa
  • The Ligurian Riviera with its villages
  • Bike trips
trekking e outdoor sui monti di arenzano

Trekking in the surroundings of Arenzano

If for many Arenzano means the sea, perhaps they do not yet know its hinterland. Arenzano is in fact one of the municipalities of the Beigua Park – UNESCO Global Geopark, unique for biodiversity and located in a strategic position for the migratory routes of birds.

The mountains surrounding Arenzano offer a multitude of truly evocative routes with unique views of their kind. From the peaks of the Rama, Argentea and Reixa mountains (all above 1,000 m altitude) it is not uncommon to admire, especially in winter, Corsica on one side and the arch snow-capped alpine on the other.

Many of the shelters and paths that we find today tell a past story linked to the collection of hay to then send to the valley and ancient routes used for wood and salt trafficking between lower Piedmont and the Ligurian coast.

To name just a few, the Argentea, Ai Belli Venti, Scarpeggin, Sambugo, Cà da Gava, Gilwell, Leveè refuges, authentic jewels of man’s ingenuity and craftsmanship.

In addition to trekking trails, there are also an increasing number of MTB routes among wonderful forests of beech, oak, chestnut, pine forests and more open areas where it is possible to admire a truly unique landscape.

For further information, visit the Arenzano Turismo website.

Our mountains, a stone’s throw from the sea

esperienze trekking sulle alture di arenzano genova
esperienze trekking sulle alture di arenzano genova
esperienze trekking sulle alture di arenzano genova
esperienze trekking sulle alture di arenzano genova
esperienze trekking sulle alture di arenzano genova
esperienze trekking sulle alture di arenzano genova
esperienze trekking sulle alture di arenzano genova
esperienze trekking sulle alture di arenzano genova
esperienze trekking sulle alture di arenzano genova
ena hotel arenzano, camere a due passi dal mar ligure


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